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TN Visas Canadian Professionals

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TN Visa Profession List


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TN VISA Classification for Canadian Professionals

Temporary Employment: TN-1 Visa Classification

Under the NAFTA treaty, Canadian citizens enjoy certain special U.S. immigration privileges pursuant to international treaties between the U.S. Canada and Mexican governments. Among these privileges is a special nonimmigrant visa category for Canadian citizens, the TN ("TN" stands for "Treaty/NAFTA"). The TN nonimmigrant visa classification was created by the 1992 North American Free Trade Agreement ("NAFTA"), and applies to Canadian citizens temporarily entering the United States to engage in business activities at a professional level. Unlike the more common H-1B visa classification, the TN category is only open to Canadian or Mexican citizens who shall work in certain pre-designated professions. A complete  list of commonly used TN visa job categories / occupations can be viewed by clicking here.

The great advantage of the TN process is the relative speed with which this visa status can be acquired. Most TN visa applications may be made at the port of entry. Typically, Canadian citizens flying to the United States from Canada will apply for their TN visa applications at designated "Pre-Flight Inspection stations" - located within major Canadian international airports - before leaving Canada. Many U.S. employers hiring Canadian citizens find that they can bring their candidates "on board" (and on U.S. payroll) within a matter of days or weeks, rather than the months-long wait that the H-1B or L-1 visa application process usually requires.

Another advantage of the TN category is that, unlike the H-1B visa category, the TN has no annual limits per fiscal year. In theory, an unlimited number of TN visas can be issued each year. Further, unlike the H-1B or L-1 nonimmigrant visa categories, there is no set "cap" on the amount of time a Canadian citizen may remain in the United States in TN status.

However, the TN is not a panacea for Canadian applicants. Unlike the H-1B visa category's 3-year validity period, TN status may be approved for no more than a one-year period, though TN status may (theoretically) be indefinitely renewed after initial entry. Spouses and children of TN workers are eligible for dependent visas in the TD ("Treaty Dependent") nonimmigrant visa classification. TD spouses and children may not work, though it is possible that TD spouses, if eligible, may independently qualify for their own TN visas.

Further, the USCIS presumes that all applicants for admission to the United States (including TN visa applicants) are "intending immigrants". Any foreign citizen (even Canadians!) attempting entry to the United States may be denied admission unless they can prove they have no intention of immigrating to the United States. Though there is an exception to this rule in the case of H-1B and L-1 visa-holding applicants for admission, TN visa applicants remain subject to this presumption. Therefore, it is imperative for all TN visa applicants to understand that they may not have any intention of immigrating to the United States while they remain in TN status. Any Canadian citizens who are considering plans to immigrate to the United States during their stay should first contact our office,  Immigration and Visas International.

Most (though by no means all) TN categories require a baccalaureate degree as the qualifying academic credential. A few categories require an advanced degree (e.g., Librarian). Though USCIS regulations do not specify this, USCIS examiners typically infer a requirement that the baccalaureate degree in a field of study related to the professional category. Please click  to review the list of open occupations / professions / job list allowed under the TN Visa program. 

NOTE REGARDING ACADEMIC DEGREES: If a baccalaureate degree is required for a particular professional category (e.g., Engineer), the USCIS examining officer will typically want to see that the TN applicant possesses a degree from a North American (i.e., Canada, the United States, or Mexico) academic institution. Should a TN applicant possess a degree from an academic institution located outside North America, an evaluation of the foreign degree from a "reliable credentials evaluation service" must first be obtained. 

Please review a list of the approved Professions / Job List.

Further, the USCIS will typically expect a TN visa applicant to possess a degree related to the field in which s/he will work in TN status. For example, a Canadian citizen with a Biology degree may not necessarily be considered qualified for TN visa entry if performing professional activities as a Geologist. USCIS may consider that same candidate eligible for TN entry as a Biologist, but only if the candidate will, in fact, perform duties as a Biologist at a professional level. Therefore, please keep in mind that possession of a baccalaureate degree in any one of the fields below will not necessarily guarantee a successful TN visa application, unless the candidate will perform business activities related to their area of academic expertise. There are occasional exceptions to this rule, however, so candidates concerned regarding this issue should contact our firm for and schedule a paid phone or in person consultation for further details. 


How to Engage IVI Services and Brief Overview of the Process for TN Visa from our Office


bulletCompany or candidate contact Immigration and Visas International (IVI) and forward information necessary to begin the case.
bullet Candidate or company depots fees to IVI for professional representation for the case.
bullet Information and documents are reviewed and organized by IVI. IVI performs analysis and develops case strategy
Documents: TN Application Preparation
bulletIVI prepares final documents for company.
bulletIVI prepares final documents for the candidate's spouse and children, if included in process (e.g., TD visa extension).
bulletCompany and candidate (and immediate family members, if applicable) review, sign, and return final documents to IVI
bulletIVI performs a final check of all documents, forms, and letters.
USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services)
bulletIVI sends completed TN "package" (comprised of documents, letters, etc.) to Canadian candidate/ applicant.
bulletCandidate personally presents the TN visa application to USCIS inspections officer at U.S. port of entry, or at "Pre-Flight Inspection station", located within a major Canadian international airport.
bulletUSCIS officer issues candidate Temporary TN Visas, and "I-94" card, allowing candidate to work for U.S. employer for no more than one year.
Finalizing Work Authorization
bulletIVI provides instructions toward initiation/ continuation of USCIS work authorization.
bulletCandidate completes USCIS Form I-9 and starts work with company.
bulletIf candidate's immediate family members want to secure visa dependent visas, i.e., TD Visa, Candidate provides copy of of the approved TN visa and I-94 card to IVI


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